Ilustrations done for "KaM Multimedia"

Regh Animation and Design was founded 11 months ago with a dream to create a completely artist driven studio. And the last 11 months have proven to be nothing but exactly what we have hoped for and a lot more.

Our talented team, our work culture, respect for others and most importantly our brutal honestly towards each others work help us to maintain a 100% transparent and productive working environment.

Every day at Regh we are hell bent on inspiring each others to  challenge their limits, to push themselves, to challenge their own skills and in return exceed our clients expectations every single time.

We understand that you, the audience, are our biggest clients. And hence we have sworn an oath to keep in touch with you on a daily bases. Stay tuned with our facebook page to check out the daily specials. From music Mondays to talent Thursdays to crazy Saturdays. We will keep you guys updated every single day.

Thats a PROMISE!!!


Recently i was helping out a friend of mine with storyboarding his animated short film..
"LIFE IN INDIA" is a crazy story of a boy who witnesses a crashlanding of an alien ship. While checking out the alien ship, to his surprise, he finds a controler which turns out to be a teleporter. From here on the the curiosity and the entusiasm of the boy forces the alien and the boy into a crazy adventure teleporting themselves all over India thus showing the life in India in a different but humourous way.
here is the first sequence...


THE AUCTION is my 3rd year group film. its a story about a guy obsessing over a child hood toy, that the lost his eye to, and is on a mission to find it no matter what and get his revenge..

The Commom Story

a experimental film of terrorism..
this film won the award of appreciation at ASIFA film festival

Character designs



some boards and concept drawings  followed by the animated short on equal rights for men and women for the 60th anniversary of UNICEF... followed by the short itself..

 my apologies for the low resolution..


a short waiting to be produced...

Digital and Traditional Paintings

this film won the 2nd international prize at the 60th anniversary of UNICEF

(my apologies for the low resolution)